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Visit reports

You can get special credit report that gives deep analysis and more complete picture of a company. It is made using full range of sources, including visit to the company when our specialists collect additional information, take interviews with its employees, make photos, clear up current assets.

This is a special service provided by Professional Partner OÜ upon request.

The most objective data that you can use for your business needs, verification of the company creditworthiness, selection of your trusted business partner or advertising purposes.

This service is especially valuable in collecting so-called bad debts.

In the states of the former Soviet Union the amount of such debts is beyond any reasonable limits.

There are several reasons for that:

That is why, along with the methods and techniques of debt collection used in countries with a long market economy history, Professional Partner OU apply innovative approaches. This may sounds odd, but such simple tool as Visit Report is one of the most effective ones, both at the stage of debt collection and verification phase of the counterparty. Thus minimizing risks when choosing a partner.

Competent officer will objectively evaluate the trappings of business and catch the sychological mood prevailing in the enterprise.

Needless to say how important personal contact with the Chairman or key employees is.

Allowing to establish and maintain relationship even at the only "speaking terms" stage. 

Without such contact it is impossible to develop an effective strategy to resolve the conflict.

And the efforts of our team is primarily aimed at preventing possible conflicts, minimizing the risks of losses, keeping our valued customers safe from risks of any kind.

Pricelist of site visits can be downloaded HERE.